What can you do with Esperanto? 

Join John & Christine Murray for this interesting and a subject new to most people, on Friday 3 August.

Starting with what activities the Esperanto-speaking world has to offer, from holidays to literature, original and translated, et al.  Learn how Esperanto itself works as a language.  It has some striking features, which make it both look like another European language, yet with other Eastern properties.

Esperanto’s has a present status in the world:  in public education (only really a few countries score anything at that), in organisations like the EU, UNESCO and PEN International, in the Esperanto world’s own institutions, and with phenomena like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Duolingo,  etc.  There is also the ‘little’ issue of why Esperanto has not yet taken over the world!  Is it just because of the current dominance of English?  Or are there other factors?  Suspicion of the unknown?  As Esperanto was initially a planned constructed language, can it really do the equivalent of what a ‘natural’ language can do?  to know a little more, download this file Esperanto Summer School 2018

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Others: £7.00
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