Cold Porcelain

Cold Porcelain Paste has been in this country for almost 20 years, Meryl Marriott has been teaching different techniques with the paste for 18 years.  It is air drying, no kiln or oven is required in the drying process, when dry it is quite hard and durable.  The paste can be rolled out and cut with metal or plastic cutters, similar to the way you would work with sugar paste.  If making flowers each petal or leaf would then be thinned or frilled on the edge with either a ball or needle tool, it can then be placed on the prepared centre, of a flower, or wire if a leaf, a very small amount of PVA glue is used to adhere it in place. Just look at the beautiful results that can be achieved in a one day workshop.

Max of 15 people per day: the first workshop will be on Wednesday 22 and the repeat on Thursday 23 August.  There will be pre-paid tutor and material costs for the workshop of £25. Tools & materials can be bought at a 20% discount from Meryl’s website, and can be used for future projects. With this discount they amount to £25. If you have your own tools, then it is just the clay to buy.  Please register with Karen Shaw .  Max 30 places in total!