Esperanto Duolingo Support Group

Convenor: John Murray
Day/Time:  Fridays 10:00 – 12:00

Esperanto is an international language proven to be easy to learn and fascinating to use.  Although it probably has only hundreds of thousands (not millions) of speakers, these are to be found in most countries of the world.  Duolingo is a language learning website ( and a smart phone application.  Its course for Esperanto has already more than a million learners and has stirred up renewed awareness of the language.   The course is completely free to use and is specifically designed for self-study.   The suggestion is that you use it for five to ten minutes a day.   You can miss days, but the Duolingo system does send out reminders!

John Murray runs the East Antrim U3A Esperanto Duolingo support group.   You use Duolingo to learn Esperanto at your own speed and in your own time.  The support group is a place to test out what you are learning and discuss any problems you have encountered.   As everything depends on self study you can take up Esperanto at any time.  John has extra materials and resources, advice of Esperanto keyboards, suggestions for exploiting the language, examples of music, internet sites, reading, etc.

A warning!  The Duolingo Esperanto course on the smart phone is not as complete as the version on the website.  If you want more information, just come to the group or contact

more information via this website duolingo esperanto