Members Survey

Dear members.

Having visited every page on our website. I noticed that the emphasis is mostly on future events. Yes there are a few pictures of your creations, groups in action and some pictures of past events. However I think we may be missing out on the opportunity to develop a site that is colourful, vibrant and dynamic. A place you can visit time and again to reminisce on past adventures and experiences. A place that displays and records the essence of East Antrim U3A.

I would love all groups to participate in the creation of an archive of our activities through photo galleries and short reports. Walkers, Canoeists, Diners, Gadabouts, International, Language groups and any others who find themselves participating in activities outside of Nelson Street are especially welcome to contribute.

It may be that visitors to the site would also benefit from our collective knowledge and experience.

As an example: The Walking group has a list of future events on the main page and a small (and certain to grow) photo gallery. Check it out.

Since I hope to participate in some of the walks I will report on them (no point asking you to do something if I do not lead by example). Here is a link to a very cut down walking section of my personal website – now defunct. Walks from JC This is just a quick demonstration of what can be achieved with a little bit of effort. Of course future reports from anyone will be properly incorporated into the EAU3A pages.

So what do you think?

Is it a worthwhile project?

Will you send me pictures and or reports? They do NOT need to be long but feel free to be as eloquent as you wish.

Please Email me James.