Art & Crafts Exhibition

Official Opening of the Art Exhibition

On Friday 23 March from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm it was “all hands to the pumps” as we set up the exhibition. Attendance was good so the job was not too onerous.

We were privileged to have the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Cheryl Johnston officiate at the  4:00 pm opening.  It was just a low key affair with a short speech from Cheryl admiring the quality of our work and wishing us every success. Tea and coffee was provided and  a number of our members took the opportunity to chat and view each other’s work.

The Exhibition runs until Saturday 14 April. It is well worth the little effort it takes to visit in person. This is truly an Arts & Crafts display with a great variety of projects on view. Take lots of friends and encourage our artists and crafts people.

Karen and James took many photographs. These are available in a Photo Gallery Here